ZNM – Zusammen Stark! e.V. and Team Titin fund study of titinopathy

Alliance to fund titin research

April 2, 2024 by Holger Fischer and Sarah Foye ZNM – Zusammen Stark! e.V., Team Titin and the Foye Family have joined forces to better understand muscle diseases caused by changes in the TTN gene, which are called titinopathies. A joint grant of 50,000 Euros has been awarded to Dr Anna Sarkozy, MD, PhD and … Read more

About Titin Myopathy (Titinopathy)

What is Titin? Titin is a very large protein. In fact, it is the largest protein known to exist in the human body. The titin protein is located in each of the individual muscle cells within the muscles that move our bodies. In muscle cells, titin is part of the sarcomere, which is responsible for … Read more