What’s in a name? Titinopathy vs. Titin Myopathy

What is a Titin Myopathy?

  • In medical terms, “Myo” refers to muscle.
  • And “-opathy” at the end of a word means that the word describes a medical disease or condition.
  • So “myopathy” is a medical illness involving muscles.
  • Myopathies result in muscle weakness and muscle fatigue.
  • “Titin Myopathy” is a specific category of myopathy where the myopathy (muscle problem) is caused by an abnormality of the Titin protein.

Terminology: “Titin Myopathy” versus “Titinopathy”

  • “Titin Myopathy” is sometimes referred to as “Titinopathy.”
  • “Titin Myopathy” means it is a muscle disorder (myopathy) due to a problem with the titin protein.
  • “Titinopathy” means a medical condition involving a problem with the titin protein. This word does not specify that the problem impairs the muscles.
  • Either term can be used, but “Titin Myopathy” explicitly lets the reader know that the affected patient is suffering from a muscle (“myo”) problem.

How severe are Titin Myopathies?

  • The severity of titin myopathies (titinopathies) is variable.
  • Some patients have milder symptoms while others are much more severely effected.