2023 January – Focus on Wellness – Story 2

Journey to healing and becoming a life coach – coping with LGMD2J/R10

Wellness program starting Feb 1, 2023 by Amie Lee

I’ll never forget the feeling of fear that washed over me when I received my diagnosis of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 2J. I decided knowledge was power, so I began searching anything I could find about my disease. Back in 2016, there was NOTHING online. I wanted to raise awareness, so I created the LGMD2J Facebook page and shared it with other groups, in hopes of finding others with 2J. I went to doctors’ appointments often seeking more knowledge and quickly became frustrated because the doctors never seemed to know much about my disease. It became a waste of my time, so I just started living my life and adjusting to the changes in my body. I fell into a deep depression and battled with overwhelming anxiety. I couldn’t go to a public place without knowing what kind of entrance it had. Steps and ramps, without a rail on my right side, were difficult to navigate. I pulled back from the world and threw my focus into raising my children. I lost myself. I lived life with a fake smile plastered to my face while I was miserable inside. My body continued to weaken in areas, and I knew deep down, I was going to end up in a wheelchair. I couldn’t imagine being overweight in a wheelchair. I had always taken pride in being a pretty girl and it felt like this disease was stripping me of that title. My mind and body were not aligned. I had gained 50 lbs quickly due to depression. That kind of weight is overwhelming to someone with weak muscles; it felt like 100 lbs. I was desperate for change! I was not going to be this person. I decided to take action by having weight loss surgery. It was deemed medically necessary by my neurologist and cardiologist because I am exercise intolerant. I began my weight loss journey and over the course of three years, I lost weight. It wasn’t a quick fix like some view weight loss surgery to be. It was a tool I was given to help me lose weight. I could still easily gain weight if I wasn’t careful. Life carried on and I was still stuck in autopilot; caring for my family, with little regard to myself. I was embarrassed of the changes in my body. I walked differently and struggled with drop foot. I wanted to hide from the world physically, but deep down longed to be the vibrant woman I knew I was. I began to battle within. I fell into a deep depression again and this time it was a doozy. I was reckless and careless. I completely lost sight of who I was. Years of trauma that rooted all the way back to childhood crept in along with the misery that Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy gave me. I completely went numb. I didn’t want to feel anything anymore. I refer to that year as my “dark year”. I hurt myself and my loved ones so much. The woman I became was unrecognizable. I was so ashamed and lost, feeling overwhelmed with defeat.

Then through a trail of events, I came into contact with a life coach, and she helped me transform my life! She was able to connect with me unlike any therapist could. I began my healing journey. I learned how to feel and release my emotions. We aren’t taught how to manage our emotions. Our bodies store emotional trauma when we don’t allow ourselves to “feel and heal”. I began journaling and became extremely self-aware. I learned to truly love myself for the first time in my entire life! Self-love is unlike any love I have ever experienced. I completely transformed myself by changing my mindset. I was able to get off of anxiety medication I had been on for years! I began to lose weight while eating what I wanted. My body didn’t feel overwhelmed with pain. I felt lighter-in every sense of the word! I have made it my mission to help others step into their authentic selves and take their power back! I recently bought a wheelchair, and I am excited to use it! It is going to help my sweet little body enjoy life to the fullest! I am no longer living with a victim mentality.

My mind is stronger than my body. My healing journey inspired me to enroll in Texas State University to obtain my certification as a life coach. I am passionate about helping others on their wellness journey because I am proof that it can transform your life in a positive way.

I am now a certified wellness coach that guides clients to balance their lives.

Wellness is divided into seven aspects: mental, physical, social, financial, spiritual, environmental and vocational. If one or more of these areas are off balance, it can prevent us from living the life we desire.
I am hosting a 28 Day Self Love Challenge, beginning February 1, and I personally invite everyone to join. To learn more, follow my Facebook page: “Freedom Within By Amie Lee” or message me at Freedom Within by Amie Lee FreedomwithinbyAmieLee.com